Bataan was established in 1754 by Governor General Pedro Manuel Arandia. The province of Pampanga included the towns of Orion, Pilar, Balanga, Abucay, Samal, Orani, Llana Hermosa and San Juan de Dinalupihan. Limay, the twelfth town of Bataan, was named only in 1917.

Bataan was among the first provinces to rise in revolt against Spanish tyranny. Bataan then became the symbol of valor and tenacity in its hopeless stand against the much superior invading Japanese Imperial Forces. CULTURE

Most of the 424,000 people living in Bataan are Tagalogs. Recent rapid industrialization has lured thousands of people from other provinces to settle within Bataan.

Much of what the province produces is exported to Manila. The primary traditional industry of Bataan is fishing. Fall of Bataan Marker (Balanga) - This commemorates the fall of Bataan, in memory of war veterans, living and dead.

Surrender Site Marker (Balanga) - Marks the spot where the grim surrender of Bataan and Corregidor was signed by Maj. Gen. Edward King Jr., on April 9, 1942. Democracy Marker - Situated at the provincial boundary between Pampanga and Bataan which depicts the role of Bataan in the fight for freedom for the preservation of democracy.

Death March Marker (Orani) - The folk arts statue commemorating the defiant spirit of Bataan, where Death march marches passed on their way to the prison camp.
Tomas Pinpin Monument - In memory of first Filipino printer. Mt. Samat - Was the scene of the most heroic defensive battle during World War II.

The Main Battle Position (Abucay Town) - The battle possition of the USAFFE, known officially as the Abucay -Morong Line, under the War Plan Orange 3. Abucay Municipal Building - A historic relic of one of the largest town of Bataan.

Battle of Toul Pocket Marker (Bagac) - Marks the significant pockers where a battle ensued as a prelude to the final defense in Bataan. Bagak Town - Zero Kilometer Marker. Catholic Church Belfry - This was used as a site for Japanese artillery bombardment of Mt. Samat where both Filipino and American Forces gave their last stand.

Lamao World War II Marker - World War II exempted almost no place in the province that this town overlooking Manila Bay and Corregidor deserves a marker.
Alangan River - In Bataan every place is a place to go. Final Battle Site Marker - To remember the coutage and heroism of Bataan defenders amidst hunger, sickness and death (Source: Tambayanet).

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