Philippines Travel Assistant will arrange your flight and/or your accommodations for you.

Imagine having your own personal travel assistant who has experience in Philippine Travel – not only will you get the best value for your buck deals in flights and accommodations (versus getting the “tourist price”), you will also know in advance the “must do’s” of the location.

What’s the difference between us and other travel agencies?

We are not a “travel agency” perse even if we provide the same type of service. Philippine Travel Assistant consists of home based individuals who are well-travelled when in comes to Philippine destinations. So essentially, you just getting travel assistance from a fellow traveler who already has been there.
Since we work from home, we avoid additional overhead costs such as office rent, employee salaries, IT infrastructure and so on and so forth. This allows our prices to be significantly less than other travel agencies as they have to make up for all these business expenses.

We aim to develop long term relationship you. Just think how convenient it would be to have your own personal travel assistant that will do all your travel arrangements for you. And all you have to do is send a text message or an email that says “I want to go to Boracay next month”.

For bookings, reservations, quotations or inquiries about our services you can email us at

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