Cebu is an anchor tourist destination and one of the 7,000 times more islands that make up the Philippine archipelago.

The island-province of Cebu was where the Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan planted the Cross of Christianity in the name of Spain in 1521. Metropolitan Cebu, the country's second biggest metropolis, is the political, economic, educational and cultural center of the Visayas. The rest of Cebu's 166 islands and islets are fringed with sandy beaches and sapphire-clear waters teeming with marine life, perfect for divers.

Cebu shows us how. The Sinulog is Cebu's biggest and showiest fiesta in honor of the Infant Jesus or Señor Santo Niño. Viva Santo Niño!"

The festival is celebrated every April 27 in Lapu-lapu City at the beach area where the Portuguese voyager met his death.

In December, Cebu culminates its fiesta celebrations with the month-long Paskuhan, a festival of Christmas songs and lantern displays.


Cebu takes pride in being the country's oldest colonial city. From mainland Cebu, Magellan crossed the channel to the island of Mactan in an effort to spread Christianity. Fort San Pedro, located at Cebu City's wharf area, was the nucleus of the first Spanish settlement in the country. Colon, the country's oldest street, was built at the Parian or Chinese District. Located at the center of the boulevard is Fuente Osmeña, named after Cebu's Grand Old Man, the late Commonwealth President Sergio Osmeña, Sr. A favorite strolling park among locals, the circular Fuente becomes even more alive in the evenings. The Southwestern University Museum located on the Urgello Private Road, takes pride in its large collection of pre-colonial and colonial artifacts as well as its Filipiniana Research Center. CITY LIGHTS

Evenings are hot in cool Cebu. Cebu is a premier entertainment center.


For the island-hopper, Cebu is one exciting playground for daring expeditions. A wildlife sanctuary, the island supports the largest concentration of migratory birds in the country.

There is also the Club Filipino Golf Course in Danao City, some 33 kilometers drive from Cebu City.

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