Batangas was founded in 1581. Originally, it was composed of the present provinces of Batangas, Mindoro, Marinduque, Southeast of Laguna and even far Camarines. After several devastating eruptions of Taal Volcano, the smallest volcano in the world, the old Taal town site was buried. Numerous fine beaches have been the sought-after-sites. It was named after the mystical and fascinating Taal Lake, which was also originally called Bonbon. Some of the earliest settlements in Batangas were established at the vicinity of Taal Lake.

In 1534, Batangas became the first practically organized province in Luzon. The song and dance repertoire called "kumintang" is of Batangas origin. NATURAL ATTRACTIONS
Gerthel Beach. Also located in the town of Lobo. Mahabang Buhangin Beach. Located in the town of San Juan, the area has white sand and a living colony of corals. Hugon Beach. Located in Barangay Hugon, San Juan. The sand in Hugon Beach is white and is more than one kilometer long. Tingga Falls. Located in Daang Ibaan, Batangas City. Munting Buhangin Beach. Located in Nasugbu. The area is located in a cove and offers a fine, white sand beach.

Natipunan Beach. Also located in Nasugbu. Taal Lake and Volcano. Fresh water beach, also known as the lowest volcano in the world. The Volcano Island is also ideal for trekking. It is a focal point of the province! Matabungkay Beach. A two-kilometer long white sand beach situated in the town of Lian facing the China Sea. Mt. Maculot. Located in Cuenca . One of the highest and prominent mountains in the province, it is one of the favorite sites of mountain trekkers. Calijon Falls. Located in Barangay Calijon, Malvar. The attraction consists of two major falls and two smaller ones. Mainit Hot Spring. Located in Baronage Pulang Bato, San Juan . Also located on the Island of Isla Verde . Ilijan Falls. Located in Barangay Ilijan. Bulalacao Falls. Located in Barangay Bulaklakan, Lipa City. The area has about three small falls and enclosed in a canyon, the highest is about ten feet high with the water (Source: Batangas Now).

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